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City Unveils New Public Loo

The next time you’re downtown and you “gotta go,” there’s a new location to choose from. The City of San Antonio unveiled a new standalone public restroom Thursday. The single stall facility is located at the corner of Alamo and Commerce streets, near the Torch of Friendship sculpture. 


So I’m here in the Portland Loo. It’s its very first day of being born. It’s very sunny in here because there are slots near the ground and the ceiling. Of course there’s a flush toilet and plenty of toilet paper.

Councilman Trevino says this is one very hearty toilet. And that those slots near the floor and ceiling serve a purpose.

“It’s quarter inch plate steel. It’s very solid. Quarter inch steel is what you build tanks out of,” Trevino says. “It’s got an anti-graffiti finish. Plus, it’s also very transparent. It allows people to see who’s in there, so if activity is going on that’s not supposed to be going on in a public restroom, we’ll know it.”

Trevino says officials hope a lot of people come try it out.


“Take a look at it. Use it. Kick the tires like we like to say,” Trevino says.  “This thing is built like a tank, it’s durable, it can take the punishment. It’s located in the most highly trafficked parts of our city. Thirty million people is [sic] estimated to walk through here annually.”

The total cost of the facility with shipping and installation came to $177,000.  The restroom is open 24/7.