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Popovich: Duncan Created Atmosphere Where Team Could Be Its Best

Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio
San Antonio Spurs Head Coach Greg Popovich takes questions from the press on Tim Duncan's retirement

It was a Tim Duncan created environment that allowed his teammates on the San Antonio Spurs to be the best players they could be.  Those are the words of Spurs Head Coach Greg Popovich.  Popovich, who often holds short interactions with the media, did not hold back on his appreciation for Duncan.

At the Spurs Training Center Tuesday, Popovich said Duncan was never one to hold a press conference about himself.“So this is the furthest thing from his mind, so I figured better come out here and do this and somehow say goodbye to him which is an impossibility.”


Popovich was not light in is gratitude to Duncan going as far as to say as Duncan made his career possible. “I would not be standing here if it was not for Tim Duncan. I’d be in the bud league, the Budweiser league, someplace in America, fat and still trying to play basketball or coach basketball.”


Popovich adds Duncan made jobs possible for hundreds of people at the Spurs organization.  Duncan was able to take the team through five championships. 


Pop says Duncan would be that one person he could have dinner with: “and it would be because he’s the most real, consistent, true person I’ve ever met in my live. He is so genuine that it blows your mind.”


The close relationship of Coach Pop and Tim Duncan has been evident in their nearly 20 years working together. Popovich became in head coach in 1996, Duncan joined the team in 1997.