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Texas Med Clinics And Blue Cross Blue Shield Reach New Agreement After Dispute

Wendy Rigby
Texas Public Radio

San Antonio-area residents who have Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance will soon have another choice for treatment. A clinic chain once off-limits is now accessible. 

After a three-and-a-half year hiatus, Texas Med Clinics now accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance again. In October 2012, the two parted ways over a reimbursement dispute. A new agreement effective this Friday not only changes reimbursements, but extends the hours Texas Med Clinics will accept Blue Cross patients to include after hours and overnight.

The company’s founder Dr. Bernard Swift says urgent care clinics are a lower cost option than an emergency room. But how do you know which to choose?

"We had a catch phrase that we’ve used from time to time. If you don’t need an ambulance, you don’t need an emergency room. So that might be a good distinction that people could make in making a decision as to where they go," Swift said.

Blue Cross patients can still use other approved clinics.  There are 13 Texas Med Clinics in San Antonio and more on the way.