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San Antonio Muslims Condemn Paris Attacks

Olivier Arandel

The vast majority of the global Muslim community is condemning the Paris terrorist attacks. That includes San Antonio’s Muslim leadership.

Sarwat Husein says Islam means “peace,” and there’s no room for terrorism within that faith.

“We feel it is outrageous and without any justification for anybody to use this type of tactic," says Husein.

Husein is the president of Council on American Islamic Relations’ San Antonio chapter. She says there are Americans who blame  the entire Muslim community for any terrorist action.

“Our community, each time any incident like Paris takes place," says Husein, "we have to go through all the hate attacks, intimidation, harassment, and so it is very difficult.” 

Mosques near Austin, and in Omaha were vandalized this week. Husein says these types of incidents spike every time there is an attack committed by radicalized Islamic terrorist. And she says that Governor Greg Abbott’s objection to Texas accepting Syrian refugees creates even more animosity.

As a result, Husein’s civil rights group distributed this week an extensive list of Do’s and Don’ts for members of the Muslim community on how to stay safe in public.

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