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The horrific images of fire consuming Notre Dame cathedral in Paris resonated among some San Antonio residents who remembered when a blaze in 2008 damaged their own religious community at Our Lady of the Lake University.

It was May 6, and the sun was setting. Somewhere deep in the University’s main building, there was a spark … an electrical short … and then flames.

The fire moved quickly through the top floor of the gothic-style building and nearly surrounded the statue of Mary that looked down onto the campus.

Brian Kirkpatrick | Texas Public Radio

San Antonio religious leaders and firefighters reflected on the massive fire at the Notre Dame cathedral on Monday. But they also considered the vulnerability of San Antonio's historic structures.

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Wednesday at noon on "The Source" — Disparities in healthcare are often driven by a doctor's lack of sensitivity to a patient's culture, values, socioeconomic status, race, or sexual or gender identity. That can lead to unnecessary suffering for patients. Sometimes, it can lead to death.

The above map is based on data from the San Antonio Fire Department. They began collecting data on Sept. 25, 2018. It is current to March 30, 2019. They began tracking time of incident in the dataset in mid December.

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Recreational marijuana use is now legal in ten states, but it remains off-limits to service members ... and some military communities don't want it to be sold anywhere near bases. 

As more states legalize recreational marijuana, there's at least one place where the rules haven't changed: the military. Active service members are strictly forbidden to use marijuana, whether it's recreational or medicinal.