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A new exhibit set to open at the Institute of Texan Cultures, just in time for Fiesta. Michael Quintanilla is one of two artists exhibiting works that fit perfectly into the biggest party of the year.

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Fewer e-scooters and e-scooter companies will be in San Antonio if a future city contract comes to pass, according to city officials and others with knowledge of the issue. San Antonio passed a six-month pilot  program for electric e-scooters in October that will be revisited on April 19. City staff will present a plan this month.

Up until January, Elsa Alcala had one of nine seats on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. She was a judge on the state’s highest court that handles criminal cases. That includes ruling on all death penalty cases.

But while on the bench, Judge Alcala saw problems with the legal process with capital punishment and she began to lose faith in how some people were being sent to the Texas death chamber.

Alcala became a loudest voice on the state’s most prominent criminal court pointing out the unreliability of the death penalty.

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Missing a ticketing platform's initial on sale time for a popular event most often results in one of two outcomes: You don't go or you end up paying many times the face value to get in. Even worse, you show up after paying double or triple the original price and find out your tickets are counterfeit.

What should you know to avoid being a victim of ticket fraud?

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Do you see others explode into a rage during traffic? Does your blood boil when things don't go a certain way? Anger is a normal and healthy emotion that may need to be monitored.