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Wednesday at noon on "The Source" — Death is something everyone faces but not something everyone plans for, even if they are able to. What are the various approaches to end-of-life care and how do you decide what’s right for you or your loved one?

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The future of space exploration could be determined in San Antonio. NASA announced Monday it was creating two university-based institutes to delve into the technologies critical to keeping habitats alive and maintained in deep space travel, largely unmanned.

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San Antonio ranked as a top 10 city in the nation for its solar energy capacity, according to a new report from the Environment Texas Research and Policy Center.

Southwest Research Institute was fined $410,000 for firing a female employee as retaliation because she filed sex discrimination complaints against it. A jury found Friday for Mary Ellen Johnson — who was terminated after 12 years with SwRI — in the federal trial that began in San Antonio April 1.

Johnson was hired as a technician at SwRI in 2000 and would be promoted to a senior technician and then a principal electronics technician.

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Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. on "The Source" — The City of San Antonio is seeking input from residents for the 2020 fiscal year budget. Where and how do you think local resources should be allocated?