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#nowplaying with Rob Martinez, TPR Music

Sam Gendel - Isfahan
As a follow up to his 2020 release, Satin Doll, Gendel recently shared his jazzed-out abstract interpretation of Duke Ellington’s “Isfahan.” This track, and most of Gendel’s discography, is on whenever I am doing something creative.

(Liv).e - Party Life
The hazy lofi production on this one is what instantly hit me. I later learned that this is a cover by Willie George Hale, also known as Little Beaver, an American guitarist, singer and songwriter. This cover sounds like it samples a section of the song and then layers it with Liv.e’s original lofi R&B greatness. Check out this song.

PACHYMAN - Big Energy
Although 2021 brought the passing of the legendary producer Lee "Scratch" Perry, I’m happy to see dub music living on. This original piece from Pachyman will have you scratching your head, thinking you’re listening to a deepcut from King Tubby. Based in L.A. but with Puerto Rican roots, Pachyman’s influence from island and reggae music is what drives this wonderfully crafted album. Enjoy the return of dub with the return of Pachyman!

J. Darius - Cloud10
No this falsetto does not belong to Prince - but at first listen you might think it does. This Neo Soul sound comes straight out of San Antonio. Cloud10 is a light tune that is carried by a soulful groove and Darius’ incredible vocal range. You thought Cloud9 was where you wanted to be? Wait till you hear Cloud10.

Garrett T. Capps - Everybody I Know
He once let us know that he was born in San Antone, but on his latest record, Garrett. T. Capps let’s the world know how much he loves his hometown. Proclaimed in the first seconds of this track, Capp’s says this track is "gonna be the hit.” On this country duo, He and “Bad Boy” Croy, from Croy and the Boys, riff on the all people they know.

Mark Sun - Villagers
Mark Sun is a local producer also known as Jarvis Brown. This year he launched his own personal label where he shares a limited run of cassette tapes with original beats and samples. Brown Garden Tape Archive is a fitting title under his new moniker, Mark Sun. If the garden is his music then he is most definitely the sun giving it life. This track is built heavy around a funky piano sample. Keep an eye out for these super limited cassette runs!