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Border Patrol Issues Law Enforcement Alert After Late-Night Incident With Texas Militia

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

The U.S. Border Patrol remains on high alert, issuing a warning to all law enforcement agencies operating along the Rio Grande Valley after encountering a militia group hiding in the brush during the recent arrest of a group of migrants crossing the border.   

According to officials with the U.S. Border Patrol, the incident happened late at night on August 6 along the Rio Grande River near the city of Mission. Federal agents encountered the Texas Militia, an armed citizen group that emerged out of the darkness wearing camouflage fatigues, giving the appearance of a law-enforcement group.   

“Our concern is that it’s a volatile situation and there’s always a potential when you encounter someone dressed in tactical gear and they’re displaying rifles and firearms that we identify who they are,” said Hidalgo County Sheriff Deputy J.P. Rodriguez.

The presence of these groups in an area known for drug and human smuggling means both federal and local law enforcement agencies need to be more aware. 

“It’s just a situation that if they’re not properly trained and they approach in a manner that may cause alarm or panic it’s very likely that their approach will be perceived as a threat," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said they respect these groups right to be there and to “bear arms” as long as they are not in violation of any state laws. He said there is always the potential for these type of violations because they are not properly trained. 

The group Patriots Information Hotline is coordinating the militia effort in Texas and estimate there is a total of 13 groups operating along the border.