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Third Person From SXSW Drunk Driving Accident Dies In Hospital

Doctors at the University Medical Center at Brackenridge have added a third name to the list of deceased from the incident that killed two people Thursday, March 13, at SXSW.

Hospital officials say 26-year-old Sandy Le, who moved to Austin to attend college, died from a massive head injury.

Of the 22 injured in the crash, six remain in the hospital and one still remains in critical condition. There is no word if the Travis County District Attorney intends to file additional charges -- at this point 22-year-old Rashad Owens from Killeen is charged with one count of capital murder.

The announcement of the third death comes in the wake of a memorial service for the cyclist who was one of two initial deaths that resulted from the incident.

During a ghost bike memorial -- when members of the cyclist community commemorate a rider who died with an empty ghost white bicycle posted near the site of their death -- the group celebrated the life of  Steven Craenmehr from the Netherlands, who was in Austin for South by Southwest and was killed when he was hit while riding his bike back to his hotel. 

“He’s very much a person of life, love, always hugging," said Bart Hendricks, who was in Austin with Craenmehr, his long-time friend.

"I gave him a hug and he said, 'Hold me bit longer,' which I did, and now I wish I would’ve held him even longer," Hendricks said. "And then he walked out and that’s when it happened.”

Hendricks said Craenmehr was one of those guys that he would always give a hug, and was also a very talented guitar player.

The group gathered this weekend also celebrated the life of Jamie West, a waitress at Austin’s Eastside Café, who was the other death from the incident.