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Abbott Casts Primary Ballot In Austin Before Heading To San Antonio For Party

Courtesy photo
Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott.

Despite his expected victory in the Republican primary for governor, Greg Abbott said he’s not taking the election for granted. Abbott cast his ballot in Austin and stressed his favorable rating among Hispanic voters.

The ice had melted away by the time Greg Abbott cast his ballot at Western Hills Church of Christ in Austin, and even though he’s not running against Democrat Wendy Davis in the primary election, she is the opponent he is targeting.

"The more we see about the deep-connections between the Obama administration and Wendy Davis’ campaign the more we see our fellow Texans get upset and concerned about that," Abbott said.

Abbott lives in Austin but chose to host his primary election watch party in San Antonio. The attorney general said this election is about showing how the Republican Party is going to reach out and be inclusive for different cultural groups -- primarily Hispanics in Texas.

"We have a huge trend of doubling my support in the Hispanic community," Abbott said. "This poses a real threat to the Democrat Party in the 'State of Austin' about losing their historic and past connection with the Hispanic community."

Abbott did not comment on whether or not he intended to dismantle the Texas Dream Act as governor, but did say he had a natural connection with the Hispanic community because of his marriage to a Latina woman.  

"I am multi-cultural by choice," he said, "and this choice is one that is proving to be a genuine connection not only with me as a family but also with the Republican party and Hispanic community in particular in the State of Texas. This will matter with regard to winning this election, but more importantly to winning the next generation."

Abbott did say the federal immigration policy is one that needed to be fixed.

Abbott wouldn’t say who he voted for, but did say he voted for himself and proudly voted for incumbent John Cornyn in the U.S. Senate race.