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Following New Undercover Video, Dewhurst Requests State-Led Investigation Of Battleground Texas

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has requested the secretary of state and attorney general’s office investigate Battleground Texas for possible voter harvesting. The allegations center on another undercover video produced by conservative activist group Project Veritas.

In the past, Project Veritas’ videos have been scrutinized for how they were produced and whether there was any truth to their content. The latest video featuring Battleground Texas San Antonio Field Organizer Jennifer Longoria has public officials believing there is enough to launch an investigation.

This is the script of Longoria being secretly filmed by Project Veritas operatives.

Longoria: "Every time we register someone to vote, we keep their name, address phone number just so we get back to them."

Project Veritas: "And that’s from the Voter Registration Card?

Longoria:  "Right from there."

The video prompted Dewhurst, who is running for re-election, to send a letter to the Texas secretary of state to review the videos.

"The implications from some of the coverage we had seen, some of the videos we had seen is that some of this was being taken for purposes that are basically illegal," said Andrew Barlow with Dewhurst's office.

Alicia Pearce is with secretary of state’s office and said the complaint involves a possible violation of the state’s election code.

Pearce said election code 13.004 reads:

"The Registrar may not transcribe, transfer or otherwise copy a telephone number furnished on a registration application"

Pearce said after the secretary of state has reviewed the complaint it is sent over to the attorney general’s office for an investigation, but she couldn’t comment on whether or not that had occurred.

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