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Abbott Appeals Court Order To Pay Davis' Legal Bills From 2011 Redistricting Case

Ryan Poppe/David Martin Davies
TPR News
Every confrontation between Abbott (left) and Davis is shaping the narrative running up to the 2014 election, where the two will likely face each other for governor.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has appealed a decision ordering his office to pay the nearly $270,000 in legal bills for state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, charges she accumulated in a 2011 federal redistricting case involving her senate district.

Last year, a federal three-judge panel ruled in favor of Davis and a federal district judge in San Antonio revisited that order, affirming the ruling.

"The end is coming, but it’s a ways off," said attorney Gerry Hebert, who represents Davis in the case. "The state has appealed yet again to waste more taxpayer dollars by filing an appeal in the 5th Circuit."

Hebert said before the case went back to the San Antonio court the attorney general's office prematurely filed an appeal with the 5th Circuit on the repayment issue, but it was kicked back to the federal district court.

Hebert said he doesn’t foresee Abbott taking the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if need be.

"They could seek review in the Supreme Court and the chances of the Supreme Court taking a case involving attorney fees like this, that doesn’t present an issue of national importance," Hebert said.

A spokesperson with the attorney general’s office said they don’t believe Davis is eligible for any legal fees, so they appealed the San Antonio court’s decision to the US 5th Circuit Court.

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