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Van De Putte Will Announce Her Intentions For 2014 Elections Next Week

Chris Eudaily
TPR News
With Wendy Davis having already declared for the top office in the state, speculation has continued over Van De Putte's possible run for lieutenant governor.

According to sources inside state Sen. Leticia Van De Putte's campaign, her formal kickoff ceremony and announcement for what she plans to do in the 2014 election will be Friday, Nov. 23.

Since the end of the summer,Van De Putte has continued to mention that she was considering a run for lieutenant governor and had begun an exploratory campaign. Van DePutte said family has been a major consideration in what comes next, as over the past year her family has suffered the loss of three loved ones.

"But I do want to serve and I do think it's important to really have some very good choices between what we see in the current candidates in the lieutenant governor’s race, who are really going so far to one extreme that maybe we do need someone to bring Texas back to center.," Van De Putte said.

Political strategists believe the addition of Van De Putte to the top of the Democratic ticket would mobilize Hispanic voters that the Texas Democratic Party needs to break a 20-year Republican majority for statewide elections.

When Wendy Davis was launched into the spotlight during her 11-hour filibuster of the controversial abortion legislation this summer, it was Van De Putte’s comment about speaking over her male colleagues in order be recognized that set the crowds at the capitol on fire and ultimately ended business on the bill.

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