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Furloughed Employees Say Sen. Ted Cruz Should Stay Home From Work

Joey Palacios
TPR News

With no end in sight to the federal government shutdown, a group of out-of-work federal employees in San Antonio is delivering its own furlough notice to Sen. Ted Cruz.

Angry federal workers at Port San Antonio, a decommissioned Air Force base, say they're fed up with being government pawns.

“We just came off our sequester in mid-September and we got the sucker punch of being sent home again Tuesday. All we want is the senator to do his job,” said Elsa Martinez, an employee with the Air Force reserve.

Martinez  joined 30 protestors outside Cruz’ San Antonio office. The workers want Cruz to step down from his position because they say his high-profile filibuster-like speech on September 24th lit the fuse that started the ongoing government shutdown.

They presented his office with a notice stating Cruz should be furloughed indefinitely. Cruz has said Harry Reid and the Democrats as responsible for the shutdown and many Texans continue to support Cruz for his effort to stall the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.