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Wendy Davis Will Wait To Announce 2014 Election Plans

David Martin Davies
TPR News

Since her nationally-recognized filibuster of the controversial abortion restriction bill, state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, has been in the conversation about higher offices.

But any announcement about her future will be put off for a couple weeks as her father recovers from surgery complications.

Davis released this statement this week:

"We remain hopeful that the improvements we've seen in his health will continue. As a result, I will not be making any official announcement related to my future plans for public office... It's my hope that my father will be able to join me and my family in the next few weeks when I make a public announcement."

A coalition of Democratic groups continues its online efforts to shore up support for Davis’ possible gubernatorial run. While they await the final word, the Texas Democratic Party is also working out the kinks they have with campaign organizers at the local level.

Davis told the National Press Club this summer that she would either run for re-election or run as a gubernatorial candidate in the 2014 state elections. She then told reporters at the Freedom of Information Foundation luncheon that she would announce her decision  just before Labor Day.