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Cruz Talks Affordable Care Act And Immigration At Austin Stop

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Sounding more and more like a presidential candidate on his visit to a high-tech facility in Austin, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz addressed the need to end the Affordable Care Act in order to expand job growth.

Cruz said he doesn’t have the numbers to defund the program, he said that effort must come from regular people.

"So where I am focusing my energy is speaking directly to the American people, working to energize and mobilize the American people," Cruz said.

Cruz also commented on immigration reform, naming National Instruments as an example of a company that would benefit from a reformed immigration system to fit the changing markets.

"Right now every year in this country we educate tens of thousands of foreign students, they get graduate degrees in math, in engineering and in computer science and then they are forced to go home to their countries where they start businesses there, they create jobs and then they turn around and compete against us."

During his time speaking with reporters, Cruz also dodged questions about whether his national tour of the country is about a 2016 presidential run.

"You know, I think it is way premature to be worrying about 2016," Cruz said. "In terms of what I am doing, 100 percent of my focus is on the U.S. Senate and the reason is simple, the Senate is the battlefield."