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Governor Calls Lawmakers Back Again For Second Special Session

Ryan Poppe | Texas Public Radio
TPR News

Gov. Rick Perry was clear in his statement about the intended purpose of a second special session, stating "I am calling the legislature back into session because too much important work remains undone for the people of Texas."

Lawmakers will be back in the state capitol on Monday, July 1 to continue work.

Josh Havens, who is with the governor’s office, said this session will be about the three items the legislature was unable to pass during the first session.

"So the people of Texas have been very clear that they believe in the value of life, they want to protect the women and the unborn. They understand the need for transportation in order to keep our state moving and they understand that we need to have a court system that is fair and just. So the Governor has brought the legislature back into session in order to address these issues."

This means lawmakers will be taking up the same three bills that died in the Senate on Tuesday night, which includes Senate Bill 5, the comprehensive abortion bill. 

Perry’s public statement also mentions not allowing the breakdown of decorum and decency during the legislative process -- clearly a reference to the breakdown that delayed the vote on SB 5.

"These issues are too important to let theatrics get in the way of it," Havens said, again citing what happened at the state capitol on Tuesday.

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