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Texas Vs. Mexico Water Fight Takes Turn In State's Favor

Laurel Morales

Since the start of the legislative session, Rep. Eddie Lucio, D-Harlingen, has made it clear that Mexico needs to release the over 400,000 acre feet of water owed to Texas.

His fellow lawmakers have now joined that fight as his resolution addressing the issue passed on the House floor with unanimous vote.

"What is great is that I am part of a group that includes both of our U.S. senators, the governor, various congressmen, various House and Senate members here in Texas who are all are on the same page regardless of their party and are coming together to fight this cause," Lucio said.

Since the initial debate on the subject, Mexico has released 17,000 acre feet of water, but Lucio said because of conveyance that amount really equates to only 7,500 acre feet of water.

"The amounts of actual water are nominal at best," said Lucio, "I don’t think they are worth more than two to three days-worth of water at best."

Now that the resolution has passed it will move through the state capitol and find its way to the U.S. secretary of state’s desk, asking the federal government to negotiate the release of the remaining water Mexico is holding upstream.