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Early Voting Begins in Bexar County and Voters Are Split on the Issues

Bexar County Voters
Joey Palacios
TPR News

It’s the first day of early voting and Bexar County Residents are flocking to the polls. TPR's Joey Palacios talked to a few voters outside the Wonderland Mall polling place about which presidential candidate they support and Pre-K for SA.

About 30 people were waiting in Wonderland Mall before the polls even opened. Out of ten people who agreed to be interviewed, four say they support former Governor Mitt Romney and  six support President Obama.

Voter Herb Smyrl said he voted for Romney because of the President’s stance on health care.

"His party believes 'we go ahead and pass the bill and we'll read it later type-of-attitude' is just inconceivable to me," Smyrl said. "I just can't believe it.

Henry Gonzales said he supports President Obama because he believes Romney is  indecisive.

"If he had a platform and he stuck by it I think I may have been more inclined to support him, but I don't believe anything he says because he changes his mind so much," said Gonzales.

The City’s pre-kindergarden initiative is also a near split decision, of the ten people who replied, four voted against it, five voted for it, and one was still on the fence before voting.

"They do need that early intervention with programs like the Pre-K program," said Gonzales. "Hopefully it does what they're telling us it's going to do."

Gonzales supports the tax-funded program, but Mary Gomes said early education should be up to the parents.

"We need to get back to families raising their children, not the schools and the state and the welfare state," Gomes said.

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