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CPS Gets Award as One of Texas' Most Prolific Recyclers

CPS Energy

The State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) said CPS demonstrated a strong commitment to the environment by recycling 92 percent of its disposable materials in 2011. The alliance is honoring the utility with a leadership award for Outstanding Construction and Demolition Programs.

CPS Energy Spokeswoman Christine Patmon said the energy company’s biggest job last year was the demolition of the old Mission Road Power Plant that was shut down in 2003.

"The demolition of that 100-year-old plant resulted in 15.6 million lbs. of concrete and 680,000 lbs. of structural steel," said Patmon. "And so the steel was sent was sent off-site for recycling while the concrete was used on-site."

CPS said that last year it recycled more than 500,000 tons of materials, lowering carbon dioxide emissions, and diverting 46 million lbs. of construction debris from landfills.

The Mission Road Power Plant was cleaned up to make the structure available for what CPS and the city hope will become a new urban, multi-use development.

The Power of Preservation non-profit group will show off the site Thursday night in an event to raise money for the restoration of the historic building.