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Pre-K 4 SA Board Names Interim CEO

Veteran educator Kathy Bruck has been chosen to lead Pre-K 4 SA as the program's interim CEO.

With nearly 40 years of experience in early learning, Bruck said her job in leading Pre-K 4 SA through its infant phases will effect students, teachers, and parents, not only within the Pre-K 4 SA model education centers, but in districts and schools throughout San Antonio.

"One person does not make the huge difference, it's all of us working together," she said. "I think I bring experience, but I also bring good relationships, collaborative relationships with other early childhood providers and also with public schools."

Her first duty will be hiring master teachers who will work with educators city wide. She's looking for people with passion, those who will commit to families.

"Whatever it takes to help that family feel empowered to work effectively with their child and to understand the importance of their child coming to school regularly," she said, underscoring the fact that Pre-K 4 SA master teachers will be coaching teachers across San Antonio.

Bruck's original teaching field was early childhood education with a focus on children with disabilities. She said children who come from at-risk or poverty situations hear 30 million fewer words than other children by the time they're four years old.

Bruck is not sure what her contract will look like at Pre-K 4 SA, but she has signed on to the challenge anyway.

"I've got a commitment with the city that I will be there as long as they need me to be there," she said.