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Doctors Visiting Area Schools To Dispel Myths, Encourage Medical Field

radiologist darlene Metter-doctor at school 2011.jpg
UT Health Science Center

Tomorrow, 25 schools across San Antonio will have special visitors to talk about the medical field. Dr. Pam Otto is one of the visiting doctors and said she has talked to students in the past who have plenty of questions about what it takes to become a physician.

"You know, 'How long are you in school?’ and, 'What does all that take? What kind of grades do you have to have?' The cost always comes up. For the women, a lot of times – even though half the medical school class is women now – the young ladies often ask, 'Can I still have a family?'" Otto said.

Dr. Otto will talk about her job in radiology to students at East Central High School. She said the most important thing to let kids know is that anyone can do this and to dispel the rumor that only certain people can become doctors.