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How Is Data Used By Texas Law Enforcement To Boost Accountability, Transparency, Performance?

Ryan Loyd | Texas Public Radio
Dozens of officers and firefighters responded to a scene on Frio City Rd. for a call of a man atop a freight train.

Texas, Florida and California are the only states in the country which require law enforcement to report deaths while in police custody. All incidents, including officer-involved shootings, medical deaths and suicides are expected to be submitted.

Previous reporting has shown that some law enforcement agencies have not been adhering to a 30-day filing deadline for reporting incidents to the Texas Attorney General's Office. Texas HB 245enacted penalties in 2017, including a starting fine of $1,000 a day for departments not in compliance.  

Have these measures made a difference in reporting oversight or moving investigations forward? In what ways is data being used by law enforcement in Texas to increase transparency and accountability?

How does the San Antonio Police Department use data to fight crime? What kind of data analysis happens within SAPD? How is data used for departmental self-evaluation and performance improvement? 


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