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The Source: Border Militarization | The Hispanic Caucus

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

In the first segment:

"If you want to think of it this way, with 40,000 agents, if the border patrol were an army it would be one of the largest standing armies in the world." - Donald Kerwin

Between $38 and $46 billion dollars has been allotted in the Senate's immigration bill for what lawmakers are calling a "Border Surge" to stamp out illegal immigration along our southern border.  What will doubling the number of border patrol agents do?  Do we need blackhawk helicopters on a border with an ally and one of our strongest trading partners.  Donald Kerwin, Executive Director of the Center for Migration Studies, joined to talk about whether this is a good investment.  Also on the phone from Washington, Congressman for the 23rd district of Texas, Pete Gallego joined us to talk about what people from the border think about the border surge.

In the second segment:


The Hispanic Caucus has been a force for immigration reform say some, and a ragtag group of dysfunction say others.  We join UTSA Political Science Professor Walter Wilson who recently wrote about the caucus and immigration reform in the soon to be out Summer 2013 Journal: Extensionsat the Carl Albert Center for Congressional Research.  Syndicated columnist, CNN contributor and newly minted talk show host, Ruben Navarrette also joined us.

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