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New Crosswalk Makes Crossing Fredericksburg Road A Little Safer

Ryan Loyd

Last year San Antonio Police reported that dozens of people were struck and killed crossing busy roadways. As a result, Police Chief William McManus instituted stricter jaywalking policies.

However, people continued illegally crossing the street, and one area where it kept happening was on Fredericksburg Road, which sees more than 16,000 cars each day.

District 7 Councilman Cris Medina explained that senior citizens have difficulty walking to the end of the block to cross. Instead, it is easier for them to cross mid-block to make it to their bus stop.

Now, a high-intensity activated crosswalk known as HAWK is in place and working near the Primrose at Monticello Park Apartments in the 2800 block of Fredericksburg Road.

Many seniors live at Primrose and were taking their chances crossing the road.

"They were kind of taking matters into their own hands and we told them, 'That's very dangerous,'" said Medina. "The city and our office came together and hopefully provided a very viable solution. I think we did."

The system uses yellow and red lights to warn drivers when a pedestrian wants to cross the road. A crosswalk, curb ramps and signs to alert drivers and pedestrians were also installed.

Medina wants to install more HAWK systems in other areas of town in high traffic areas like Bandera Road, or anywhere that seniors or other people who find it difficult to get around live.

"It's ideal for a situation like this where we can have a senior community that needs to get across to a bus stop," he said.