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Es tiempo!! You can now purchase tickets for our first show of this summer Luchadora! Don’t miss out on seeing this dynamic cast led by some of our greatest directors! Make sure to buy your tickets now and keep an eye out for all the great things we have planned for summer!

The story of “Luchadora!” begins with discovering a worn pink wrestling mask that prompts Nana Lupita, a Wisconsin grandmother, to share her tale about growing up in 1960s Texas. As her story unfolds, Lupita's life as a teen tomboy comes alive—bike riding with her friends Leopold and Liesl, working at her father's flower stand and lucha libre. When a World Championship match is announced, Lupita anticipates seeing it until she discovers her ailing father is one of the wrestlers. With the help of a magical mask maker, Lupita secretly trains to take her father's place. She soon finds it difficult to keep her secret from her friends and, most importantly, her father.

McCreless Theatre, San Antonio College
07:30 PM - 09:00 PM, every day through Jun 11, 2023.

Event Supported By

Teatro Audaz San Antonio

Artist Group Info

McCreless Theatre, San Antonio College
799 W. Dewey Pl
San Antonio, Texas 78212