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Attention is finally being paid to reports of sexual harassment and abuse suffered by many at the hands of those in power. The #MeToo movement spread beyond Harvey Weinstein’s public reckoning, and into the halls of business, government, and even public media. It’s long overdue. As employees, students, and citizens navigate these new waters, many still have legal and ethical questions. At this Dare To Listen event, we’ll convene a panel to talk about the sociological and legal aspects of the #MeToo movement, and about those squishy gray areas that exist in some minds.

Think Science: Weather

Feb 17, 2018
Edward Aspera Jr. / U.S. Air Force

There’s a saying in Texas that goes, “if you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes.” Despite San Antonio’s reputation for long hot summers, there is an abundance of interesting weather in the Lone Star State, everything from ice storms to hurricanes and even the occasional snowfall. At this Think Science event, recorded February 16, 2018, you’ll hear from two experts in the field about our unique weather patterns, how predictions are made, and what climate change will mean for South Texas over the next 20 years.


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In his essential book on San Antonio filmmaking, “Texas Hollywood,” author and film historian Frank Thompson writes:

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If there was one consistent comment I heard from both judges and audience members alike at this year's SOUNDS LIKE KPAC talent competition, it's that the music, and and writing were of exceptionally high quality this year. Tallying the scores during intermission, it was clear this was a tight race. At the end of the afternoon, students from Ronald Reagan High School, Health Careers High School, Clark High School, and one local homeschool student all took first place awards at SOUNDS LIKE KPAC, held January 28, 2018 at McAllister Auditorium on the campus of San Antonio College.

2018 Salute to Business Supporters

Feb 2, 2018

If you missed TPR's annual Salute to Business Supporters event, we have photos posted on the Texas Public Radio Facebook page. Each year we say thank you to business, professional, and community partners that help bring public radio to San Antonio, Hill Country, Big Country, Highland Lakes, Gonzales, Del Rio, and surrounding areas. 

This year's event was held at Alamo Beer Company and special guest Amy Scott, Marketplace senior correspondent joined us. A special thank you to Alamo Beer Company, Spice of Life Catering and  DJ JJ Lopez for making this night a very special event.