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San Antonio Film Festival

Along with the movies from near and far at the annual San Antonio Film Festival, the event always features several panel discussions about topics in the industry. The Friday, August 3 panel, “DIY: Guerrilla Filmmaking,” stood out because it featured four powerhouse women from different aspects of the film industry.

Julián P. Ledezma / San Antonio Current

When I first looked through the 2018 San Antonio Film Festival program, I immediately knew I was going to see the “Hometown Heroes Short Films Block.” Partly because I am a native San Antonian and partly because I saw the film “Cornyation” listed in that time block.  The 20-minute short features beautiful cinematography, archive footage, thoughtful narration, and clever editing. It strikes the perfect balance of being entertaining while providing an accurate history of the annual event.

Mary Bruton

Marcia Ball was born in East Texas, reared in Louisiana, and since the early 1970s has been mixing those region’s sounds to create a musical signature that is part boogie-woogie, part Texas blues, with a touch of the Caribbean influence that defines New Orleans masters like Dr. John and Allen Toussaint.

She got her start in Austin, and points to the late Doug Sahm as a key figure in her own musical exploration.

Kinky Friedman 7.30.18
Jack Morgan / Texas Public Radio

Kinky Friedman is one of Texas's truly bizarre characters.



Ethel Shipton

Angela and Mark Walley had only just opened up their independent film studio in 2010 when artist Chuck Ramirez died suddenly at the age of 48. The pair had met Ramirez in 2009, and were in the beginnings of a collaborative project with him.