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Hip-Hop At Hemisfair: Learning How To 'Dance In The Park'

San Antonio Dance Umbrella's Amy McDowell says that dance isn't for just those who already know how the steps.

"Everybody, every culture dances as part of their history," she says. 

The Dance Umbrella organize events like Friday's evening's Dance in the Park to encourage people to learn.

"It's fun to watch beautiful people dance," McDowell says. "It's fun to watch all ages, and grandparents and grandchildren, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, enjoying the community together and enjoying movement."

This Friday's dance lessons cater to three different styles of dance, including hip-hop.

"We're going to have breaking, and we're going to have Vogueing, so we'll be channeling a little Madonna," McDowell says. "We will have one teacher who will be teaching hip-hop this Friday from six to seven. And then we're going to have another teacher teaching the breaking portion from seven to eight.  And then we're going to have the final teacher at 8 p.m. teaching the vogueing."

McDowell says that while dancing is not mandatory, "it's fun to watch." But if you want to dance and don't know how, they're there to show you.

"Each type of dance is 45 minutes to an hour and you have an instructor," she says. "It's always interactive. Just really exposing them to dance and the fun ways they can be moving."

The event is free and open to the public.

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