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Cowboy Day, A One-Woman Show And 'Deception by Design': Your Weekend's Here!

TPR's Arts and Culture Reporter Jack Morgan showcases three events to catch this weekend.

Tonight only at the Blue Star, artist Mari Hernandez talks about a fascinating Film Friday documentary.

"Deception by Design is about camouflage and the way that artists collaborated with the military to camouflage ships and military installations," she says.

But this is a kind of camouflage you've probably never heard of.

"It does not mimic nature the way that camouflage usually does. It's meant to confuse the enemy so they used geometric shapes, contrast-y colors and intersecting designs in order to confuse the enemy so that they didn't know whether the ship was coming or going," Hernandez explains.

Access to galleries and documentary screening are free and open to the public. 

Also tonight only:

Irma Herrera says her name is often mispronounced.

So Herrera wrote a one-woman play called Why Would I Misspronounce My Own Name? where she shines a light on the frustrations that those with difficult names face every day.

The show opens at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, and while serious, it's also funny.

"Yeah, I have a lot of fun with it. I poke fun at myself too," Herrera says.

Then on Saturday, the Briscoe Western Art Museum takes aim at cowboy culture.

"From high noon to four we will be celebrating...the icons of the cowboy, the cowgirl and the vaquero here at the Briscoe," Jennifer Chowning says.

Yes, it'll be hot outside, but the air conditioned museum is just steps away and there's a lot to see.

"We've got custom poems from Typewriter Rodeo, they'll be heading down from Austin. Our friends from Ranger Creek will be serving up beer," Chowning says. 

Kid will be shown how to make stick ponies then allowed to ride the barrel race. Plus, there's western swing.

"The Railhouse Band from San Marcos Teas will be here," she says. "Chuck Wagon Cooking with biscuits and peach cobbler. We've got Cahill Barbecue food trucks that'll be selling barbecue."

The National Day of the Cowboy is a free event.

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