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Flamenco Rhythms Heading To Guadalupe

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center focuses on one particular kind of dance this weekend. It's a dance whose origins are long ago and far away. Here's the Guadalupe's Belinda Menchaca.

"It actually comes from the southern region of Spain--Andalusia, and is influenced   by Arabic music and comes from the gypsies, and of course, it has evolved, and I think that is why it is so vibrant today."

She's talking of course about Flamenco.

"We like to educate our audiences about the difference between flamenco, which comes from Spain, and our traditional dances from Mexico, because we do both.  A lot of emotion is drawn when you're performing flamenco. And that is enriched by the live flamenco guitar."

This weekend's performance features guitar, dance and percussion.

"With the percussive sound of the footwork, the wonderful voice of the singer, in this case it'll be Chaita Champion, and our guitarist Steve Arispe, makes for this wonderful staging of work by Miguel Vargas, who's our Choreographer that created our pieces for us."

Menchaca says that with Vargas's efforts, this is truly an international production.

"He is from Sevilla, Spain. And he is a master dancer, as well as a choreographer."

The production is called Sin Fronteras--Without Borders. And as its title suggests the production isn't just about dance.

"It is a flamenco production that is based on social issues that are going on today, in regards to immigration and refugees and the struggles and the fears."

She says these struggles are felt in different ways citywide, but one thing we have in common.  

"Art I think, is what unifies us."

If you want to see the production, you have several opportunities.

"Our Friday and Saturday performances are at 8pm. Sunday performance is at 3pm, at the Guadalupe Theater."

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