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Jazz Meets Classical, Carnaval de San Anto And A Charreada: Your Weekend's Here!

A big Fiesta weekend coming up--everything from a jazz-meets-classical performance, to a Charreada, and a cool aspect to the Fiesta Flambeau Parade.

First, on Saturday night the Fiesta Flambeau Parade. One of the parade's highlights is Urban 15's Carnaval de San Anto.  Here's George Cisneros.

"For the 30th consecutive year Urban 15 will be taking its Carnaval San Anto dance and drum unit into the Fiesta Flambeau parade."

That 60-member idiosyncratic drum and dance team wears lit-from-within costumes that for the first time are synchronized.

"We're able to create sequences, light patterns, pulsation, tempo. And it's stunning.  We're continuously evolving."

That nighttime parade is the perfect place to catch what they do. Then on Sunday a fascinating  Musical Offerings--here's Joan Christianson.

"We have the 25th Anniversary of Jazz Meets Classical."

They put classical and jazz musicians together and watch them create.    

"It's highly unusual for jazz and classical musicians to get the opportunity to collaborate because normally we don't travel in the same musical circles."  

The Brazilian pianist and vocalist Clarice Assad has written a song specifically for this performance. Two others penned by local artists, plus several jazz and classical standards round out the 3pm performance. Also at 3pm on Sunday afternoon: a Charreada.

"So our trainers start practicing when they're about six years old. They've been doing this their whole life."

Irma Rodriguez says a Charreada is essentially a Mexican rodeo, and the riders are highly talented.

"They practice about four hours every day."

The horses are just as talented as their riders.  

"They're more sensitive than the usual quarter horse or rodeo horse. So all they [the riders] have to do is adjust their body some or talk to them and they know what to do."

Get there early at 1:30 and catch the Ballet Folklorico, followed by live Mariachi music at 2:30.

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