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Holiday Pops, Los Pastores And Tubas Gone Wild: Your Weekend's Here!

Lots happening this weekend in San Antonio. Here are a few ideas on how you can get your holiday on. First off, starting tonight, the San Antonio Symphony is getting into the Holiday Swing.

"Oh that's right. We have our annual Holiday Pops at the Tobin Center," says the symphony's Associate Conductor Akiko Fujimoto.

The San Antonio Mastersingers and Mezzo Soprano Catherine Martin join them.

"We're also doing Latin American Christmas Carols from Colombia and Venezuela.  We have a very cool arrangement of Little Drummer Boy called Little Bolero Boy. It's a crossover with Ravel's Bolero."

And surely you're wondering...

"...we'll  also play Feliz Navidad..."

They're expecting you to sing along, so bring your voice tonight, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Also Saturday Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran on Los Pastores.

"It's the Shepherd's play. It's part of the Christmas story, but it's the perspective of the shepherds."

Held at Mission San Jose, it's an almost direct window into the past.

"It's a traditional folk play, and we believe it was performed even during the Spanish Colonial times, since the 1700s."

Hot chocolate, pan dulce, and it all happens in the out of doors.

"Being at the Mission at night it's very beautiful and very magical so it's a great opportunity to bring the family out. "

The opposite of the commercialized Christmas, this night is free. Also on Saturday, Ray Grimm on one of the Alamo City's oddest holiday traditions:  The Tubameister Christmas.

"We have a concert that's simply Tuba's, Euphoniums and Baritone Horns."

You may be wondering ow many tuba folks show up.

"Last year there were 213."

What's his favorite song done a la tuba?

"I think probably I would have to say Silent Night."

If you're wondering what this one-of-a-kind Christmas event at the Arneson River Theater costs, Grim laughed.

"Well, it doesn't set them back anything. It's a free concert."

Don't blow it; go see 213 tubas play carols--that's about as San Antonio as it gets. 

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