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Latino Arts, Scottish Games, Opera In The Park: Your Weekend's Here!

Latino art to Scottish games to Opera in the Park--here are some great ideas on what to do this weekend.

First off, downtown at the Centro de Artes building in Market Square--it's a new exhibit called SATX/MX. Those letters suggest a combination of San Antonio, Texas, plus Mexico. And that's exactly what the exhibit does. 

"The idea was to show the exhibit as our local San Antonio Artists as well as the Latino Artists that have come from Mexico. There's 21 different artists," says the Department of Arts and Culture's Debbie Racca-Sittre.

She says the work is as varied the artists, but there are themes.

"The exhibit kind of talks about the struggles of getting to Texas and living in Texas and being Latino, and all the things that come with that.  It talks about how San Antonio really is a culturally rich and diverse city."

Take in the free exhibit. On Saturday morning, hit the road to Kerrville, then head west to Ingram.

"It's at the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram, Texas, at the Point Theater."

But what Kirk Scheel is doing there isn't theatrics. It's the Kerr County Celtic Festival and Scottish Highland Games.

"This year is the first year that we will add the Highland Dance Competition, and we have 65 dancers from around the southern central part of the United States who are coming to compete for the cup," he says.

They're throwing tree trunks, hammers and even what's called the Sheep Toss--though it's worth noting that no sheep are tossed. It's hay bales.

"No sheep are actually harmed in this event--correct," he exclaimed.

The Festival runs both Saturday and Sunday.

"And it's going to be beautiful weather out here in the Hill Country. Good Scottish food and fun."

On Saturday night head to Travis Park.

"Oh, this weekend's going to be fun. We have Opera in the Park!"

The park is downtown's Travis Park, and that's Alamo City Opera's Mark Richter.

"It's a wonderful time to bring your kids and family and enjoy some beautiful opera arias sung by some great singers.  They'll be singing the most popular things from Broadway and that people will recognize."

If you're worried about cost, you shouldn't. It's free.

"And there'll be food trucks and other things available. Try and get there at least by 6 o'clock to get your place on the beautiful green grass."

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