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Installation At The SAMA: Relax!

A new art installation at a museum known for its building instead asks you to leave that building and head out of doors.

"We have a fantastic--fun--art installation that's called Mi Casa, Your Casa."

That's San Antonio Museum of Art's Kelso Director, Katie Luber. We stood next to several red, steel sculptures that were in the shape of miniature house frames.

"There are ten of them on the grounds, under our giant oak tree in the sculpture garden, so dappled with shade, and hung with hammocks, and they're all bright red."

Those ten sculptures aren't there just to be looked at.

"Right now while we're standing here there was a family with children and they were swinging in the hammocks and enjoying themselves."

Unlike the hands-off kind of art, SAMA would be delighted if you would climb into this exhibit and relax a while.  

"Yes, that's exactly right. This part is free, It's sponsored for us by the Mexican government and the Instituto Cultural de Mexico.  It's right on the river, so if you come from Jones Avenue it's like this wonderful garden setting."

Luber says the artistic aspect of this installation is in their home shapes--the artists challenge you to think of the home as a social gathering place.

"These two fantastic artists from Mexico City do all of that in this very simple but very engaging and entertaining kind of installation."

The exhibit will be here through August 21st and they're throwing an opening party this Friday night. She thinks you deserve some hammock time.

"Look at the sky, look at the clouds, think about what it means to be part of a community."

Another function of Art: to make you stop and just take it all in. 

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