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Fiesta's On, But There's So Much More: The Weekend Is Here

A Fiesta-filled weekend is here, but Fiesta's not the only game in town. Here are a few ideas to consider. Saturday morning at 10, head down to the Mission Marquee Plaza.

"We have the Mercados d'Oliva Market there every third Saturday of the month."

The City's Kelly Kapaun says this is a farmer's market, but with more.

"The city's Parks and Recreation Department is going to be giving away 150 fruit and nut trees as well.  The market will be held from 10a.m. to 2p.m., and also the trees that will be given away will include lemon, lime, orange, pecan and avocado."

Then on Saturday night at the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, there's a musical look back at Mexican Superstar Pedro Infante.

"He sang a lot of corridos. He sang a lot of Juapangos. But he also sang boleros."

That's Azul Barrientos who will be doing Infante music with a trio of musicians.

"I will be singing with a trio called Canciones de mi Tierra."

That's at the Esperanza on Saturday night. And then on Sunday morning, there' s a San Antonio Public Library art-based walking tour. The city's Julia Selwyn fills us in.

"It' a two-hour tour, approximately, that starts at the library, introducing a few key art pieces at the library, and then continues down the river."

She says you'll see everything from historic tile murals to current-day installations, all along the Museum Reach.

"The vertical perspective of the River Walk allows you to look at art from below, and above and really get a new look at it."

Be sure to register beforehand so they can know how many people want to go. As to how much this informational tour costs...

"It is absolutely free like all our library programming."

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