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Musical Bridges Wants You To Czech Them Out

Musical Bridges Performers

The Musical Bridges Around the World’s fall season starts up on Sunday. As Musical Bridges' SuhailArastu explains, the first program has an interesting title. 

“The concert is called Czech Me Out. We’ve got Felix Slováček, Jr. on clarinet, and then Viacheslav Grokhovski Jr. on piano. And they’ll both be playing with the youngest member of the Houston Grand Opera studio. She’s Armenian. Her name is Mane Galoyan, and she just won the Bronze at the Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow this summer.”

Arastu says MBAW likes to create interesting musical pairings to help bridge what makes us different, so we can find what we hold in common.

“We’re an international music organization whose mission is really to unite people one concert at a time. So we like to highlight different parts of the world that oftentimes people don’t get exposed to.  We’re strong believers that music transcends borders, political boundaries, ethnicities and religion. And it is in fact the universal language," said Arastu.

He says that Americans may have a skewed understanding of the world’s people.

“Because less than half of Americans are passport holders, most of what they know about the outside world tends to come from news media, which oftentimes focuses on the negative.”

This concert is being held on Main Plaza inside San Fernando Cathedral.

“That’ll be this Sunday, October 4th at 6:30PM, and the concerts run about an hour, and they’re followed by a dessert reception where we can meet the artist. We like to engage people not only showcasing their artistry, but also allow them to interact with our artists.”

And if you’re wondering whether your budget can take the hit, take note, Arastu says it’s “all free and open to the public.”

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