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Weekend: Hiking, History, And Getting Down

 Tasty Trail Walk

The weekend’s upon us and here are a few things you can get out and do this weekend. First off, hit the trail--the trail out at Friedrich Wilderness Park Saturday morning at 10. It's the First Saturday walk, which is a guided hike, with a naturalist pointing out plants…but there’s also something extra afterwards. Nicole McLeod says there will be food made from those plants.

"One of the things we’re making is mesquite muffins.  We have all different types of jams that we’ll be trying. And one of them is the Agarita jam. It’s something parents can do with their children.   It’s not a strenuous hike, and so we will hike probably somewhat less than a mile.”

Classical Music in a Cave

Next is something for Classical Music lovers, but it's a little different venue than you may be used to. The group is the Axiom String Quartet. Cellist Patrick Moore is taking his band underground.

"Quite literally, we are going underground!" He thought a moment and said "I think it’s about a hundred feet underground."

He's talking about Saturday’s performance at Boerne’s Cave Without a Name, and it is about a hundred feet below the surface of the earth. Those interested in going should know that you descend those 100 feet by stairs, then have to walk them back up once the concert's done. Moore says the venue is just magical.

"When I play down there we’re able to hear so much more than we can anywhere else.  You’re removed from all of your electrical distractions."

There's no cell service below 100 feet of limestone, so you can't send or receive e-mails or post on social media. The Axiom String Quartet plays primarily classical music, but they throw in a larger variety, especially when they do the cave concerts.

"We’re mixing it up with selections from West Side Story as well as some lighter classical offerings."

It happens 7:30 Saturday night.

New Exhibit at the Institute For Texan Cultures

Then, all weekend at the Institute of Texan Cultures they've opened a Texas-centric exhibit about the last World War.

“We’ve just opened an exhibit of Texans in World War II. [it's called] Our Part of Victory.”

That’s the Institute of Texan Culture’s (ITC) James Benavides. The exhibit details the known, as well as unknown Texans’ war efforts.

"Case in point, a pair of brothers assigned to the Nevada and Arizona. They were having a conversation, shouting across the boats at each other and the air raid siren goes off. One of the brothers makes it. One of them doesn’t. We have their hats.”

All the ITC's other exhibits can be seen as well, and then there’s this:

“We are going to be open for Labor Day.”

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