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Fredstock: SAC Students' Most Musical Test

An annual event at San Antonio College is noteworthy for its music, but also a lot more. First off, it’s got an interesting name. Fredstock.

“Fredstock is a music festival that we throw each spring.”

Donnie Meals is the Music Business Program Coordinator at San Antonio College. And unlike other music fests, this one is actually a college course. Here’s what students are expected to do.

“Planning it out, making sure we have enough power, getting the vendors, vetting the bands, putting together the right kind of package. The end result hopefully that the audience sees it as a great show, not a student-run project.”

Interestingly, for some at least, it’s a test.

"Some of the students, this is their final exam.”

But other than the whole student angle to it this Saturday's show is all about the music.

"It’s a well-rounded rock-n-roll show that features blues and roots music. Granvil Poynter will be opening the show at noon. His group opened for ZZ Top when they were here in town. Second up will be Ruben V, a very popular local blues guy.   After that, Eddie and the All-Nighters. Eddie Polanco--well-known in the Blues scene. Fourth will be the #3 Dinners [Los #3 Dinners]. They’re a local favorite, and always, always a great time with the crowd. And closing it out will be Jimmy Spacek and the West Side Horns. Very excited about that show.”

Food trucks, big tents for shade and it’s all free. One last question: why’s it called Fredstock?

“The music business program was started around back in 07 or 06 by Professor Fred Weiss. Unfortunately in, I believe, about 2008 Fred passed away unexpectedly. I thought it would be great to call it Fredstock as an homage to him, and keep his memory alive there.”

And now you know. We’ve more on Fredstock here.

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