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Deepak Chopra Brings His Message To The Alamo City

A world famous speaker is coming to the Tobin Center. He’s Deepak Chopra, known for his controversial views on the nature of mankind and where science ends and spirituality begins. He’s coming here to talk, amongst other things, about his latest book. I caught up with him recently. 

“This book is called The Thirteenth Disciple. It’s basically a modern-day fiction based on the idea of the dormant potential that we all have within us.”

That fiction doesn’t sound far removed from his actual views. As to what you can expect to get out of his talk, he says this:

“I’m hoping that they will get tools for intuition, creativity, higher vision, an understanding of archetypes, and a deeper understanding of well-being because well-being is not complete in the absence of a spiritual understanding of who you really are.”

Trained as a medical doctor, Chopra thinks the confines of science don’t quite cover all that needs knowing. He has two issues that he thinks science hasn’t properly answered. One: what is the nature of the universe?

"The other big question in science today is an open question, is what it is the biological basis of consciousness? Science is a very good tool for exploring a certain model of reality."

But he thinks science isn’t the only tool that’s worth using, and that rubs some people the wrong way.

"Change is always uncomfortable, yet there is some movement in science to accept a certain understanding of self.  We are unlike other animals; we are gifted with choice, with creativity, with insight to the imagination."

He hopes to fuel peoples’ imaginations at the Tobin on Wednesday night. We’ve more here.  

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