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World Class Athlete Creates World Class Art

The San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame is inducting five new members on Saturday. I spoke to one of them--Lori Norwood.

“It’s incredibly exciting to me for several reasons. Number one—I miss San Antonio. Instant nostalgia, instant memories come to mind.”  

Norwood, her husband and two daughters live in Kansas.

“Yes, we live in Lawrence, Kansas. I’m afraid we’ve been gypsies.”

As to why Norwood’s being inducted into San Antonio’s Hall of Fame, she puts it this way.

“Because San Antonio is synonymous with Pentathlon as long as anyone can remember. It’s where I lived and trained. So much of my life—my heart and soul was poured out in San Antonio.”

And when she competed, she won. Big time.  

“Twenty-five years ago I was the world champion in Modern Pentathlon, Goodwill Games gold medalist. So this is for that.”

I asked facetiously "So you’re exceptional at shooting, running, swimming, fencing and show jumping. So why’s an Arts and Culture reporter calling you?"

"I’ve been a sculptor also since day one."

Her sculptures are static, but many of them convey strong, beautiful and athletic movement.

"Yeah, that’s the idea. And that’s always been a fascination. Muscle and bone, biology, kineseology, movement."

While she’s here for Saturday's induction though, her art takes a back seat to nostalgia.

“I get to see some amazing people that I haven’t seen in a really long time. And that feels good!”

We’ve more on the San Antonio Sports hall of fame here.

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