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The Addams Family: TV's Weirdest Tribe Goes Musical

The Woodlawn Theater’s tackled a musical that is based on an iconic 60s TV comedy. If you’re thinking "The Addams Family" is creepy and spooky, mysterious and ookie, you’re missing a big chunk of what the musical at the Woodlawn is all about. I spoke to the production's Director Rick Sanchez.

“The story line is based really off of Wednesday Addams. And it’s her falling in love with someone who’s considered normal.”

Wednesday is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams, around which the musical is centered.

"So the friction is the normal VS the not anywhere near normal?” I asked.


This is the Woodlawn version of the hit Broadway play. Sanchez explains how the TV Sitcom stretched into being a musical.

“When we’ve run out of all we can say in dialogue, in a typical musical fashion we have a song, or a song and a dance that will even add more to the dialogue.”

"I’m guessing that Gomez plants a few kisses on Morticia’s arms?” I asked.

“Yes he does! He plants the typical kisses, and in some other places.”

So what’s the play’s run?

“It opens on Friday, February 13th and runs through Sunday, March 15th.”

Did you catch that?

“It does open on Friday the thirteenth.”

Interesting coincidence. Or perhaps planning. We’ve more on The Addams Family here.

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