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You've Got To Hand It To Monterrey: They've Got a Good Idea

A new art exhibit is going in on Saturday, but it’s not contained between four walls—it’s outside. TPR’s Arts and Culture Reporter Jack Morgan has details.

First off is its fun name—Mano Factura. So what is Mano Factura?

”Mano Factura is an exhibit that we’re actually bringing from our sister city of Monterrey, Mexico.”

Felix Padron heads San Antonio’s Department of Culture and Creative Development.

“It’s a really wonderful collection of thirty hands, sculptural hands, that are human size.”

Now, when he says they are human size, they’re not the size of human hands—they’re the size of humans.  

“They’re about close to six feet tall. They’re fun. They’re kind of like an art toy.”

Despite the hands' recurring shape, artists painted the hands quite differently except the one thing they have in common.

“The Peace sign, which is obviously universal.”

The sign is universal, and the city of Monterrey’s hope is that the peace concept becomes universal as well. This Saturday at 3PM they’re coming to Travis Park.

"And I just think it’s going to be an incredible family event. Y’know, it’s also going to add just a wonderful life to the park and be a wonderful addition.

We’ve more on Mano Factura here.