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Flamenco Struts Its Way Into The Tobin Center

An Austin dance troupe called A’lante Flamenco plans an unusual dance and music performance at the Tobin Center.

“We perform something that I like to think of as Flamenco theater.”

Olivia Chacon is their Artistic Director.

“We gear our choreography and also our music to tell stories to try to connect with audiences across cultural boundaries or across generational boundaries.”

They’re coming to the city as part of Dream Week, the event said to be a vehicle to promote tolerance, interaction and an exchange of ideas. San Antonio-raised Chacon says Flamenco’s Spanish backstory is wildly multicultural.

“Muslims, Jews, Christians, and also the Gypsies…”

Those cultures all converged in southern Spain.

“This amazing music called Flamenco was born little by little, and now it is something that has spread around the world.”

Their performance this weekend at the Tobin is a Flamenco re-interpretation of Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet.

“We’ve incorporated video and animation into backdrops for many of the pieces.”

The troupe is filled with sound and movement.

“Our group consists of six dancers and six musicians.”

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