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Intimate Chamber Music From Camerata San Antonio

Camerata SA

A Grammy-nominated chamber music group is performing on Wednesday. They’re called Camerata San Antonio, and here is the group’s founder, Kenneth Freudigman.

“We are participating in the San Antonio Symphony’s Strauss Festival.”

The Symphony’s Festivals usually explore the work of single composers. Richard Strauss is the current focus.

“This year however, it is not just Strauss, but composers who influenced Strauss and composers who were influenced by Strauss as well.”

One of those composers was Erich Korngold, who was spoken of very highly by Strauss, when the former was but a boy. Korngold later went on to win the 1938 Academy Award for his score for the Errol Flynn-Olivia de Havilland starrer, The Adventures Of Robin Hood.

“We’re playing the string sextet by Korngold, which is really a magnificent work. He was considered a genius or a child prodigy, of the likes of Mozart.”

What other pieces are you going to play?

“We’re opening the program with a sextet by Richard Strauss from his [final] opera Capriccio.”

Camerata will be joined by a couple of guest players, right?

“That’s correct. It will be the core string quartet of Camerata, and two of our other colleagues from the San Antonio Symphony — Lachezar Kostov and Marisa Bushman.”

The Alvarez is a nice, intimate place for the kind of music you’re playing?

“It certainly is. It seats between 250-300 people. And we are looking forward to having our first performance of Camerata at the Alvarez Theater at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.”

We have more here.

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