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Recycling Never Was This Rhythmic, Nor This Much Fun

courtesy Vocal Trash
Vocal Trash

A musical dance group is coming to Kerrville, but most of the instruments they play can’t be bought at a music store. The biggest clue to what they do is in their name. They’re called Vocal Trash.

“We basically rescue items from a landfill and make music out of it.”

That’s co-originator Kelsey Rae. But if you think their “trashy” music isn’t well executed, you might well be wrong.

“We play trash cans and water bottles, we have tool box guitars and gas can guitars, and there’s singing and break dancing and tap dancing, comedy. And every type of music you can think of, in a 90-minute frame.”

Their Sunday, Jan. 11 performance in Kerrville cuts through a wide variety of styles.

“We do everything from big band music to The Black Eyed Peas, so not only are the kids going to love it, but the grandparents as well. We get compared to [British percussion group] Stomp or [the theatrical experience that is] Blue Man Group. We like to say we are [musical comedy-drama] Glee meets Stomp.”

We have more on Vocal Trash here.

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