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Singular San Antonio, Where ‘Blowing It’ Makes For Festive Fun

This has to be one of San Antonio’s most distinctive holiday events. It’s one where people come from far and wide to blow their horn. Literally. And you can hear the difference from the very first notes.


“I think most of us who play the tuba enjoy what we do and are perfectly happy playing a supportive role most of the time.”

Meet Ray Grim, with the Tubameisters. Once a year, Tuba and Euphonium players converge and take over the stage.

“It’s become a community event. We actually have people come in from out of town to attend the concert.”

That concert he refers to is a big one, and an odd one.

“It’s called a Tubameister Christmas. This is the 36th rendition of this concert. Anyone who plays a tuba, euphonium or baritone, or an instrument such as that, is welcome to come down and be part of it.”

Clarinetists are not welcome.


“Well, there’s plenty of room in the audience.”

It’s held at the Arneson River Theater, with a river that runs between audience and the stage.

“It’s always amusing when the barges go by on the river.”

And the tourists on those barges must think San Antonio is a very interesting place. We’ve more on Saturday’s Tubameister Christmas here.

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