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Iconic Bar And Eatery Set To Straighten Up

There is some debate over whether the San Antonio floods of 1921 ensured that this building would never be the same again. But, urban legend or not, a local institution is getting a facelift.  The Boehler House has been saved, but you probably don’t know it as the Boehler House.

“For quite a few years it was the Liberty Bar.”

Preservation Architect Jeffrey Fetzer has been working on the iconic, but very crooked, building, two blocks north of the Pearl on Josephine street.

“The foundation has settled unevenly over time, causing the building to lean.”

And not just lean, but be in danger of collapse. Boehler’s owners, Rio Perla Properties, has taken steps to fix what’s ailing the place.

“Dodson House Moving has installed stabilizing wires inside and outside the building. They have been ‘pulling the lean’ out of the building, trying to get it more upright.”

They’ve raised the house, will move it over slightly, then completely re-do its foundation.

“And then the building will be moved back to the corner onto a new foundation.”

For those of you worried the place will lose its individuality when it gets straightened out, worry not.

“We doubt that we can ever get it square and plumb.”

As to the former Liberty Bar’s eventual use, they’re not yet sure, but should know in the next year or so.