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Freddie Steady Five Shaking It Up At Fredericksburg Roots Music Series

Pioneer Museum's Roots Music Concert Series is coming to a close, but not before one more night of music. I spoke to Freddie Steady Krc. That isn't a misspelling.

“It (his last name) is a Czech name and I’ve been over to the Czech Republic to record a record back in the 1990s," Krc said. "And it’s an unusual name there as well.”

I noted that he just had a shortage of vowels.

“I know!” he laughed.

Krc is playing Saturday night at the Pioneer Museum in Fredericksburg. I asked him to tell me what people could expect.

“Well, it’s going to be a cool festival. It’s a roots festival and Al Staehely is going to play," Krc said. "He’s a wonderful artist and for those of you not familiar with Al he was in a group called Spirit in the late '60s and early '70s.”

All told, three bands play Saturday evening: “George DaVore, who’s a real Austin Favorite, and the Freddie Steady Five.”

I asked him to describe his music to people who hadn't heard him.

“It’s a tip of the hat to sixties garage rock, and I do throw in some covers, but it’s my original music," he said. "Think Kinks, Byrds, Zombies, that era -- mid to late '60s era. But I throw in a lot of Texas rock 'n' roll, too. We do kind of a jam session thing on and old Bo Diddley song ‘Who Do You Love?’ We’ll probably do some Sir Douglas Quintet; Texas stuff that I grew up on. In fact, the Sir Douglas Quintet is the first live band I ever saw.”

Krc's band features three guitars, a bass guitar, and drums. And he promises a good show.

“We’re a pretty high-energy group. I like to start fast and not really let up. We might do a slow song or two, but it’s by and large a pretty high-energy show," said Krc. "I’ve got a new record out called ‘The Mockingbird’ and we’ll be doing a few songs from that.”

“Is it any good?” I asked.

“It’s great!” he said.